Top 7 Venture Capital Firms

Jul 01, 2011

Here are the Top 7 Trusted Venture Capital Firms in the US as rated by Entrepreneurs.  These are seed stage through early stage venture capital firms.

I also wanted to emphasize on the “as rated by Entrepreneurs” 😉

Top 7 Venture Capital Firms in the US

1. Rincon Venture Partners

Focus: Web
Location: Southern California (local only)
Stage: Early Stage

In our words: While this top venture capital firm doesn’t seem to chase the “I’m so great” start-ups, they received some of the best reviews by Entrepreneurs, as well as earned the top rated venture capital firm on  Entrepreneurs described this firm as fair, honest, open collaborators.

In the firm’s words: We invest in early stage web-based businesses that are located in Southern California, are founded by experienced and cohesive teams, employ proven business models and have a clear path to profitability with modest capital requirements.






2.  New Atlantic Ventures

Focus: wireless, new media, online services, and disruptive technologies
Location: Northern Virginia
Stage: Leads seed rounds, & co-invests larger rounds

In our words: This top venture capital firm currently holds the ranking of #2 at  Many Entrepreneurs state these guys move fast, grasp innovative concepts much quicker than other venture capital firms, and execute beautifully.  Some great comments on these guys.

In the firm’s words: The opportunity to learn of a new world-changing idea, or to roll up our sleeves alongside the talented entrepreneurs with whom we partner, is what gets us going in the morning.






3.  The Foundry Group

Focus: Software & Internet Start-ups
Location: Boulder, CO (but they invest all over the US)
Stage: Seed -Early Stage (initial investment amounts as low as $250K)

In our words: Brad Feld at the foundry group has been said to be a rockstar, the king of kings champions, defender of Entrepreneurs.  I’d love to meet  him one day.  The group loves Entrepreneurs that are passionate about their product.  This top venture capital firm also brings a good deal of operational expertise to the table.

In the firm’s words: Rest assured, however, that we also know the difference between being value-added investors and being micro-managing investors. As venture capitalists, we believe our role is to identify, help build and support the team that will make our companies successful, not to run those companies ourselves.

Well said guys.






4.  Leapfrog Ventures

Focus: Technoloogy, Software, Internet (Consumer Driven)
Location: California
Stage: Seed – Early Stage Venture Capital (they invest pre-revenue)

In our words: Many venture capital firms only claim to invest pre-revenue, but this is Leapfrog’s sweet spot.  They have a wonderful philosophy…and many Entrepreneurs state “if only half of the VC’s respected Entrepreneurs as much as this group”.  That makes them a top venture capital firm in our book.

In the firm’s words: The bottom line is that the partners at Leapfrog Ventures built a venture capital firm that we would want to work with as entrepreneurs. We can help you address the challenges you face because we have personally overcome them ourselves. That’s how we are different.







5.  Quorumm Digital Ventures

Focus: Digital Media
Location: Global (they have a heavy focus in the US as well)
Stage: Seed Stage – Early Stage (amounts range from $100K-$10mm)

In our words: This team is the most collaborative, open, honest venture capital firm I have ever met.  They have a healthy balance over generating value, and supporting their Entrepreneurs.  Founded by serial Entrepreneurs.

In the  firm’s words: We view ourselves as enablers of great ideas. Entrepreneurs often think of Quorumm as filling the void between ‘angels’ and the larger venture funds. Unlike angels, we have the capital to fund a company through its expansion. Unlike the larger firms, our business model does not require over-funding early stage companies to achieve our financial goals.

Top Venture Capital firms







6.  True Ventures

Focus: Emerging Technology
Location: California
Stage: Seed Stage – Early Stage (no minimum)

In our words: It’s nice to see a fresh approach to venture capital, without over doing it.  According to Entrepreneurs, they show an indepth understanding of the Entrepreneur’s mind.  Good to have in the venture capital industry.

In the firm’s words: Talented people are the biggest driver of success. People are our first, second, and third criteria for a new investment.

Seed Stage Top Venture Capital firms






7.  406 Ventures

Focus: Digital Media, Internet, Tech, Healthcare IT, Energy, Software
Location: Boston, MA
Stage: Early Stage

In our words: According to Entrepreneurs, they are very diligent in following up, giving accurate advice (something hard to get from Venture Capital firms), and have strong operational experience.

In the firm’s words: We like to be the first venture capital firm in early stage technology companies being built by the finest entrepreneurs — as entrepreneurs ourselves, that’s where we can add the most value.

Top Venture Capital firms











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