Thinking about Your Concept

Feb 21, 2011

One of the most limiting beliefs surrounding a startup concept is that it stays the same.

A startup concept will almost never stay the same.  Chances are when you had your big idea (your startup concept), you didn’t intend for it to happen that way.  It was probably just something you thought was cool..or would make your own life easier.

Then all of a sudden, you realized others thought it was a great idea.  Or that your startup concept was really needed in the world.

But then once you actually got out into the startup world, you realized it was a little different than you had imagined…

These people were going to force you to think about your startup concept.

Let’s all admit it, at first you really don’t think that much about your concept.  And that’s probably good.  It’s simple to you: A. B. C.  But then somewhere down the line, you’ve been forced to really think about this startup.  I mean, REALLY think about it.  Once a year or two passes, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

At that point, it starts to get overwhelming.  You see all these different opportunities, revenue streams, paths that could be taken.  Then all of sudden, you find yourself begging someone to help simplify it back for you.

You’re so indepth into the startup concept, you don’t even know what industry you’re in anymore.

I have a honest question here: does it really help an Entrepreneur to think so much about their startup concept?

Or does it do more harm than good to the startup concept?


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