Tampa Bay’s Plan to Start

Jul 05, 2011

For Immediate Release July 5th, 2011–

Reversing a trend of local startups being acquired by companies outside the state, two technology companies worked together to help keep a local startup in the bay area.

Tampa-based startup Synergy Hub, LLC has acquired online media company Plan To Start, Inc. from Palm Harbor based Alorum, LLC. Operating a series of sites under the Plan to Start Network banner, the company was being pursued by a number of potential out-of-state buyers. Plan To Start, Inc. was launched as the first integrated blog network dedicated solely to educating entrepreneurs prior to starting their business. As part of the Plan To Start Network, members have access to exclusive resources and tools, in addition to market and industry research at no cost.

In September of 2010, Amanda Frazier, Founder and CEO of Synergy Hub, LLC, was brought in as CEO of Plan to Start, Inc. Under Amanda’s entrepreneurial leadership, the network sites launched & reached triple digit organic growth with little operational budget and no support staff. To date, just over a year after taking over, the Plan to Start Network has enjoyed unprecedented success reaching its audience.

Daniel James Scott is managing partner of Alorum, LLC: “These informational sites, in marked difference to those media who speak only to entrepreneurs with growing concerns, really attempts a connection to founders that face a slew of pre-venture decisions with no other place to turn for support,” says Scott. “It is important to note that a great deal of planning and presumptive assumptions are crafted prior to actually starting a business. This is not only a niche market with a substantially different mindset, but a niche market that is actively investigating where they will spend their precious investment dollars.”

“The challenge with the Plan to Start Network was the market we were targeting: high potential entrepreneurs in the earliest stages possible,” Frazier describes. “They’re very hard to reach. Many marketing and media companies fail with this market.” While testing the results of Amanda’s traction, 98.7% of the reached market was identical to the target market profile. Synergy Hub, LLC was established in October 2009 building an online media and economic platform designed to accelerate Entrepreneurship.

Earlier this year, Synergy Hub’s founders were part of a beta test for Gazelle Lab, Tampa Bay’s TechStars Network member. Alorum, LLC was established in January of 2006, originally under the name Gambit Financial Group, LLC, as a holding company and consultancy specifically in the specialty field of in-depth financial viability assessments.