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5 Types of Startups that Can Raise VC Money

Many startups don’t understand the VC industry is very specific, and the majority of startups don’t fall into that niche. It’s very

Why Startups Love Women VC’s, And You Should To.

One of the key factors for Yahoo! to recruit Marissa Mayer as CEO was the company’s need to acquire hot startups.  Startups,

Why Didn’t the Chicken Cross the Road?

I got this question the other day from an entrepreneur about an investor’s actions, that gave me her permission to share.  I

Women Entrepreneurs & Fundraising Pt. 2: Boundaries

Yesterday I wrote Women Entrepreneurs and Fundraising -Here is Your Reality Check.  Which other women entrepreneurs helped me create.  Posts like this

Women Entrepreneurs and Fundraising -Here is Your Reality Check

I hate gender politics, so please don’t take this the wrong way.  But I chose to write this today anyway.  Now, before

How to Navigate Through Shark Infested Waters as an Entrepreneur

This is a look at what happens behind the scenes for entrepreneurs when they are approached by VC’s.  This isn’t about due

5 Predictions for Entrepreneurs Fundraising in 2012

Here is a predictions and statistics report I did up for Entrepreneurs fundraising in 2012.  Most of the information came from the

Angel Investors vs Venture Capitalists

I spent a few hours this morning making the best graph I could to illustrate the biggest differences between angel investors vs

The 4 T's of Partnering with a VC

  Let me back track on this one a little bit because my Entrepreneurs emailed me with some good points.  There are

3 Rules to Startup Negotiations

How to negotiate your pre-money valuation and terms with a venture capitalist or angel investor. The pre-money valuation and terms of your