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10 Value Proposition Examples

This is a long article, but it’s jampacked with value proposition examples, and I promise you’ll leave knowing what the heck your

How To Price A Company

You’re an entrepreneur trying to figure out how to price your company.  Maybe an investor wants to know, maybe you just want

Tech Startup Bubble is Coming for Entrepreneurs

I walked by a magazine rack of my favorite business magazines yesterday, one’s I had been reading since I was 16.  Usually,

5 Predictions for Entrepreneurs Fundraising in 2012

Here is a predictions and statistics report I did up for Entrepreneurs fundraising in 2012.  Most of the information came from the

Why Your Valuation Is The Key To Raise Money

Guest Post by Dennis V. Valenti Many Entrepreneurs  don’t understand valuations, and why you can’t raise money until your  valuation or profit

5 Things Investors Need to Know About Your Startup’s Money

Money, and lots of it.  Starting a business or having a startup revolves around this principle, so do your investors.  They want

The Financial Hockey Stick

If you haven’t heard of the hockey stick…that’s what you’re looking for to achieve in your financial projections.  The financial hockey stick

3 Rules to Startup Negotiations

How to negotiate your pre-money valuation and terms with a venture capitalist or angel investor. The pre-money valuation and terms of your

5 Free Tools to Calculate Your Valuation

Following our post on “how to calculate your pre-money valuation – the formula” we offered a simple formula as a solution.  But

How To Calculate Your Pre-Money Valuation

A simple formula and tools to calculate your pre-money valuation.