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5 Lessons On Recruiting Talent As A New Entrepreneur

Shifting from a solopreneur or small business to the mindset of a growing company is not easy.  Out of all the lessons

Why Silicon Valley Isn’t The Best Place to Hire Tech Talent

I wanted to write this up and do some research on this topic for all the entrepreneurs recruiting technical talent…outside of Silicon

The Greatest Lesson for Founders: Your Team

Perhaps the biggest lesson of all for Founders, is to try to understand your own role in founding a company; and what

Repeat After Me…

We all do wrong things.  We all lack things.  We all lack perception, possibly understanding…. Entrepreneurs repeat after me: I need to

5 Statistics That Say Your Start-Up Team Is A Winner

I was just messing around on Google today, and found some interesting statistics on what is called a “successful” start-up team.  Everything

7 Qualities of a Good Entrepreneur Manager

So don’t think you have what it takes to be that startup CEO, or an outstanding Entrepreneur manager? Guess again, they qualifications

Our Startup Team Values

Alot of founders will find themselves in sticky situations as they prepare for launch. Something has to be done.  The load is

Changes When You Go From Startup to Executive?

For the first time last week, I think it finally hit me how much my life has really changed after founding a

10 Steps to Get Started Executing a Start Up

In the Entrepreneur world, ideas are abundant and any of us can register a business to get our start up going.  It’s

How to Build a Start Up Team

How to Build a Winning Start Up Team…Without Cash. I often find Entrepreneurs get stuck on how to build a start up