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The Need for a Startup Co-founder

Now although we’ve already illustrated the need to find a startup co-founder and some options you could make use of to find

Being An Entrepreneur – Looking Out For Yourself

Thinking on behalf of their company is something that every entrepreneur will have to get accustomed with. A startup or business is

Who Helps a Startup?

The right help is often scarce when you’re a Startup, Entrepreneur, Founder, or Startup CEO without revenue or a salary. I recently

Our Startup Team Values

Alot of founders will find themselves in sticky situations as they prepare for launch. Something has to be done.  The load is

Changes When You Go From Startup to Executive?

For the first time last week, I think it finally hit me how much my life has really changed after founding a

6 Tips for a Software Startup

A software startup can be pretty tricky.  One of the reasons why is most software startups are founded by the quiet tech

The Startup Team

It’s all about using the startup team to creatively get the startup to market!

REAL Startup Marketing

Problem is, too often we think of startup marketing as something different then it really is.

Should a Founder be the CEO?

Daniel and I have received a lot of view points, comments, and beliefs concerning one of the age old questions with startups:

Three Rules of Founders

A founder’s task is to develop traction. It is that simple.