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The Startup Lifecycle Through the Founders Eyes

My cofounder and I were talking yesterday about how the startup lifecycle relates to life’s rollercoaster.  So we put together this real

5 Reasons Why Tech Startups Fail

These 5 reasons why tech startups fail may interest you; whether you’re an investor looking for your next tech startup to fall

5 Startup Incubators Rocking Our World

There’s a new wave of startup incubators on the rise everywhere.  They’re creative, not boring.  They have passion, not a 9-5.  And

Your Start-Up Didn't Die from Marketing

 “A start-up never fails because of a lack of technology or a lack of marketing, a start-up fails because of a lack

How to Launch a Better Startup

How to launch a startup the right way is so much more than just writing a business plan, throwing some code together,

Repeat After Me…

We all do wrong things.  We all lack things.  We all lack perception, possibly understanding…. Entrepreneurs repeat after me: I need to

5 Statistics That Say Your Start-Up Team Is A Winner

I was just messing around on Google today, and found some interesting statistics on what is called a “successful” start-up team.  Everything

How to Become a Partner in a Startup

So, you want to join a startup?  Here’s how to become a partner in a startup Being in a start up is

Equity Structure in a Start-Up Example

While there is no right or wrong way to structure equity in a start-up, there’s definitely a good example of an equity

Be a Good Startup CEO- Your Role

The good startup CEO role can be hard to define.  Simply put, you’re job role is everything and anything.  That’s where the