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10 Ways for Startups to Acquire Customers

Acquiring customers for your startup doesn’t have to just be traditional cold calls & direct sales.  Never understimate the power of a

Top 20 Startup Quickies

Your top startup questions answered, in less then 10 seconds each.  Inspired today by a full inbox I’m still trying to get

A Startup Founder Salary Doesn’t Exist Outside Your Own Pocket

This may come as a shock to some founders — seeing as though this question arises constantly — but a startup founder’s

Join Rock the Post for My Project Live in NYC

Rock The Post will host My Weekend Project Live, a free educational networking event at the Wix Lounge on January 9th, 2012 at 7PM EDT.

The Startups Making Entrepreneurs Look Like Idiots

Entrepreneurs: Congratulations.  We are now represented by a band of hair flipping, posh idiots on Bravo’s Startup Series.  The headlines presenting our

Worst Startup Buzzwords of 2012

Among the startup community, lies millions of overused annoying startup buzzwords.  Like “Epic startup”.  Or the famous “We’re in stealth mode”… Here

Why Your Startup’s Beta Sucks

I chose this title, because I knew it would attract all the entrepreneurs that wanted to tell me “F you Amanda”. That’s

Tech Startup Bubble is Coming for Entrepreneurs

I walked by a magazine rack of my favorite business magazines yesterday, one’s I had been reading since I was 16.  Usually,

10 Beta Launch Templates for Startups

If you’ve got a web startup about to launch, chances are you’re looking for a simple, cheap way to gather signups for

Why Silicon Valley Isn’t The Best Place to Hire Tech Talent

I wanted to write this up and do some research on this topic for all the entrepreneurs recruiting technical talent…outside of Silicon