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How to Define Your Target Market

Here is any easy guide to help define your product or business’s target market.  If you’re visual, there’s pictures, or you can

5 Things to Consider When Starting Up

What You Should Consider When Starting Up Starting up is a very curious exercise. It can fill up the ambitious void in

10 Ideas to Market a Product Big (Without Always Paying Big)

  There’s literally tons and tons of ways for how to market a product, without breaking the bank, and without spending thousands

How to Market a Product by Blogging

How to market a product by blogging is cheap and easy to do.  We all know content is king in Google…and whoever

Building a Disruptive Technology

I wanted to back track a little today on my product positioning article to talk about building a disruptive technology.  C’mon guys…I

How to Brand a Product

Our step-by-step guide for how to brand a product.  Created with expert advice, tips, tools, & examples. “The brand people feel, is just

5 Examples of Product Positioning

So you’re developing a new product, or maybe just revamping an old one? Here are 5 easy product positioning examples to get

Product Positioning Strategy Example

Product positioning is a part of market positioning.  Market positioning defines how your business, product, and brand fit into the market. All

3 Tips to Reduce Time to Market

The ability to reduce time to market (also known as TTM) is especially valuable for a start up.  Leading competitors may have

Positioning Products on the Internet

Positioning a company’s product on the Internet can be very much like positioning it anywhere else, and just as different. There are