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20 Ways to Spot a Rookie VC

As an entrepreneur, you would think getting in front of an investor, VC, or perfecting your pitch would be the hard part

Why Didn’t the Chicken Cross the Road?

I got this question the other day from an entrepreneur about an investor’s actions, that gave me her permission to share.  I

5 Pitch Deck Examples

Confused as to how to create a pitch deck or presentation for investors? Yes, I feel your pain. Most entrepreneurs need to

6 Tips for Pitching the Customer's Problem to Investors

I asked founders what is one of the most confusing parts about pitching to investors.  Funny, they said the most confusing part

How to Talk to Investors

One of the most nerve wracking things an Entrepreneur can go through is the moment it comes to talking to investors.  Chances

The Mistake Isn't in Your Pitch…

Entrepreneurs tend to think the mistakes they’re making is in their fund-raising pitch.  I don’t believe that’s necessarily true, and if that’s

Funding Your Startup

Getting Over Money Matters Funding for your startup has to be one of the main “problems” associated with starting a business. Almost

The 4 T's of Partnering with a VC

  Let me back track on this one a little bit because my Entrepreneurs emailed me with some good points.  There are

5 Tips to a Great Pitch

5 Tips to a Great Angel Investor Pitch Practice, practice, practice is probably the best advice I can give you on delivering

Starlight Investments Angel Pitching Event

Angel Investor Pitching Event by Startlight Investments.  Presentations by 15 companies to over 150 investors will be going on at the end