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The Big Idea’s Marketing Budget (Video)

This week we’re on a marketing kick, so I’m posting a great video by Jennifer Frazier here in Florida.  Let me know

How to Define Your Target Market

Here is any easy guide to help define your product or business’s target market.  If you’re visual, there’s pictures, or you can

How to Market Your Service Like a Rockstar

Here is a list of ideas and tips from other entrepreneurs to help you market your service business, as well as take

10 Tips & Tools to Market a Small Business

10 Tips & Tools to Market a Small Business A business well started should be well marketed too. Only a well marketed

How to Market a Service Based Business

How to market a service is much more different than how you market a product.  But luckily, it can be much easier,

10 Ideas to Market a Product Big (Without Always Paying Big)

  There’s literally tons and tons of ways for how to market a product, without breaking the bank, and without spending thousands

How to Market a Product by Blogging

How to market a product by blogging is cheap and easy to do.  We all know content is king in Google…and whoever

Getting Creative with Startup Marketing!

Marketers market a business. Maintenance marketing, we’ll call it. A startup founder has to market a startup. Traction marketing, we call this. 

Customer Market Research Methods

Customer market research methods are important to any startup, or the innovation of an existing business.  Too many times, a business will

Conducting Market Research for Free

When I founded my first business, I had so much trouble conducting market research for my business…that I ended up paying someone