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5 Steps to Develop a Fundraising Plan

Money doesn’t fall from trees.  You got to get off your arse, and go get it.  Many startups also really don’t raise

How to Contact Investors By Email

This is a great guide I put together with some tips, to do’s, what not to do’s, and approaches for you guys

6 Tips for Acing Startup Financial Projections

Financial projections is a common word that’s well related to the world of business, even in a startup. When stripped of all

5 Things Investors Need to Know About Your Startup’s Money

Money, and lots of it.  Starting a business or having a startup revolves around this principle, so do your investors.  They want

The Financial Hockey Stick

If you haven’t heard of the hockey stick…that’s what you’re looking for to achieve in your financial projections.  The financial hockey stick

How Much Is A Startup CEO Salary?

The Startup CEO Salary.  It seems to be an ongoing battle between venture capitalists & their entrepreneurs, since most founders assume the