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No Free Ride For Free Riders

Here’s what I love about today’s guest post: it’s about the Free Rider Problem that happens in entrepreneurship.  It’s a problem no

How To Structure Startup Equity

How to Structure Startup Equity – Everything you wanted to know about Startup Equity Structure, Startup Equity Dilution, Startup Equity Compensation, Startup

Equity Structure in a Start-Up Example

While there is no right or wrong way to structure equity in a start-up, there’s definitely a good example of an equity

6 Tips for a Software Startup

A software startup can be pretty tricky.  One of the reasons why is most software startups are founded by the quiet tech

How to Calculate Equity for a Partner

How to calculate equity for a business equity partner stumps many Entrepreneurs, and it’s a question that no one can seem to

Equity Partners – Who & How Much

Building equity partnerships as an Entrepreneur is a challenging, yet rewarding experience. The equity partners an Entrepreneur picks determines just how successful

How to Hire an Equity Developer

From my own experience, working with equity developers on start up projects can be a challenge.  They’re worth it though.  Equity Developers