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Does an Entrepreneur Have to Be a Business Owner?

I recently had someone ask me this question: “Does an Entrepreneur have to be a business owner?”  So I decided to take

Repeat After Me…

We all do wrong things.  We all lack things.  We all lack perception, possibly understanding…. Entrepreneurs repeat after me: I need to

Sides of the Table

Someone asked me the other day what side of the table I sit on.  So let’s talk about sides of the table.

How to Talk to Investors

One of the most nerve wracking things an Entrepreneur can go through is the moment it comes to talking to investors.  Chances

What to Call Yourself as a Business Owner

Owner, President, Founder, CEO?  What the heck do you call yourself as the business owner?  What is your title?  Well here are

The Importance of Your Struggle

Right now, as I am writing this…on the CNN power lunch there is an interview with a founder/entrepreneur.  His company is flat

Why It’s So Hard for Entrepreneurs to Give Up Control

Out of everything I have been through building two companies, this is by far the hardest part for me, along with other

7 Qualities of a Good Entrepreneur Manager

So don’t think you have what it takes to be that startup CEO, or an outstanding Entrepreneur manager? Guess again, they qualifications

Be a Good Startup CEO- Your Role

The good startup CEO role can be hard to define.  Simply put, you’re job role is everything and anything.  That’s where the

Funding Your Startup

Getting Over Money Matters Funding for your startup has to be one of the main “problems” associated with starting a business. Almost