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Founder Showcase: Nick Smoot of Here On Biz

I wanted to introduce Nick Smoot to our audience today.  With his last startup acquired just 8 month after launch, he has

You Know You’re a Visionary Entrepreneur When….

When people see you as an optimist, but you’re secretly your own worst critic. When you can watch a movie for the

7 Funny Things About Entrepreneurs

I thought today we would make a boring Tuesday a little more interesting (or Wednesday, whatever day you end up reading this)

How to Become a Champion of Change

I’ve learned alot about leading change in this short little life of mine.  What I have learned is…change is the most feared

5 Lessons On Recruiting Talent As A New Entrepreneur

Shifting from a solopreneur or small business to the mindset of a growing company is not easy.  Out of all the lessons

5 Characteristics of Real Entrepreneurs

The real entrepreneurs exist outside of Silicon Valley, outside of Instagram’s acquisition, outside of Facebook’s IPO.  Stories like those are rare, about

Jump Off the Cliff!

Guest post by Dennis Valenti. Can I be happy owning my own business?  What will happen and will I make it? I

10 Tips for ADD Entrepreneurs

Sit down in a group of business owners & entrepreneurs.  Look at the entrepreneur to your left, now look at the entrepreneur

5 Things Entrepreneurs Should Remember About Mentors

I have a special place in my heart for mentors…because I was there once.  I was 17, on my own, living in

4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Save on Start-up Technology

When I first pitched my idea for a technology, someone laughed at me and said “This is going to cost a couple