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10 Ways for Startups to Acquire Customers

Acquiring customers for your startup doesn’t have to just be traditional cold calls & direct sales.  Never understimate the power of a

Define Your Target Market in 5 Simple Steps

Research suggests as much as a whopping 80% of marketing dollars are wasted…marketing to the wrong person.  Without knowing who wants to

5 Customer Segments Examples

Yesterday, I published an article on how to define your target market, and an entrepreneur sent me a question back asking “well,

5 Tips to Stop Annoying People with Social Media

At first, I was going to write something today like 5 Tips to Market with Social Media – then I realized that’s

How to Market a Service Based Business

How to market a service is much more different than how you market a product.  But luckily, it can be much easier,

How to Brand a Product

Our step-by-step guide for how to brand a product.  Created with expert advice, tips, tools, & examples. “The brand people feel, is just

Getting Creative with Startup Marketing!

Marketers market a business. Maintenance marketing, we’ll call it. A startup founder has to market a startup. Traction marketing, we call this. 

The Secret to Customer Insight

The trick to building a better business model based on your customer, is customer insight.  Great companies and brands are among the

5 Tips to Communicate with Customers

Direct communications with customers can be a valuable component of any marketing strategy.  How your customers respond to your business, and what

How to Build Customer Relationships

It’s a fact that customers are the driving force of a business. How do you build customer relationships though? It takes time