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Thou Shall Not Let Investors Control Destiny

So I wrote the article last week on bootstrapping, and got a lot of emails back from Tech CEO’s…that basically said “this

How to Bootstrap Bigger Visions

You got big dreams.  But big dreams aren’t cheap, are they?  Heck no.  They cost a lot of money. So I was

10 Ideas for Bootstrapping Your Business

Here are 10 Great Ideas for Bootstrapping a Business It’s so easy sometimes to assume some angel investor or VC is going

3 Tips on Start Up Cash

Start up cash is always going to be on your mind.  Everything in having a start up revolves around cash. Maybe your

3 Rules of Bootstrapping

Bootstrapping takes guts.  It’s often easier to assume a check is going to come in, and roll out most of the risk

No Cash? Start your Business Anyway

Just a like marriage, financial issues can wreck havoc on your start up. It is the greatest stress experienced by Entrepreneurs. The fact is, some businesses won’t meet investment criteria until a later into development.

What are your options? How do you get around financial issues when funds aren’t available? You can bootstrap, and here’s how to do it