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The Pros and Cons of Investors vs. Debt Funding

Unless you are fortunate enough to have a good deal of money stashed away, most businesses need to raise money for either

Thou Shall Not Let Investors Control Destiny

So I wrote the article last week on bootstrapping, and got a lot of emails back from Tech CEO’s…that basically said “this

How to Raise Money From Investors

A step by step guide for how to raise money from investors for your startup.  This is the biggest guide I’m ever

5 Predictions for Entrepreneurs Fundraising in 2012

Here is a predictions and statistics report I did up for Entrepreneurs fundraising in 2012.  Most of the information came from the

How to Contact Investors By Email

This is a great guide I put together with some tips, to do’s, what not to do’s, and approaches for you guys

5 Types of Angel Investors

One of my angel friends wrote this up for us today at Plan to Start (alright, he actually talked while I wrote). 

5 (Other) Reasons Why Angel Investors Invest

To understand angel investors and why angel investors invest, is to understand it’s more than just the money.  Yes, you always want

5 Things Investors Need to Know About Your Startup’s Money

Money, and lots of it.  Starting a business or having a startup revolves around this principle, so do your investors.  They want

How to Get Introductions to Investors

How to get an Introduction or Referral to an Angel Investor Most Entrepreneurs have figured out by now…angel investors are just serial

5 Red Flags About Investors

I recently received an email from some experienced Entrepreneurs, as well as many Investors, asking me to write more about the importance