Startup tools and startup discounts you’ll want to take home.

startup tools

Live Plan
The online business planning software.  Track your progress as you go with expert advice, built-in help, access anywhere, and more than 500 complete sample business plans.

startup toolsVeer
Veer has the same high quality photos, design, and illustrations for your website, at half the cost of iStockPhoto.  10% off for Plan to Start readers, use code “10SUMMER12” at checkout.

Startup toolsEZ Numbers
EZ Numbers projects out 5 yrs of P&L’s, made just for startups.  Graphs, founder’s equity, investment calculations, pro-forma, P&L’s, expenses, revenue…etc.

startup toolsMoo
The printers of Founders’ business cards everywhere.  Their Seth Godin inspired quote business cards are a favorite.  Starting at just $15, they offer beautiful design on a startup friendly budget.