5 Startup Incubators Rocking Our World

Oct 31, 2011

There’s a new wave of startup incubators on the rise everywhere.  They’re creative, not boring.  They have passion, not a 9-5.  And most of all…they’re built around the philosophy of less talk, more action.  So today, we’re highlighting 5 of the greatest startup incubators rocking the entrepreneurial world:

1. Gazelle Lab
Tampa Florida

The Gazelle Lab is a new startup incubator located in Tampa, FL; debuting it’s first round of startups at their Demo Day on Nov 17th.  Despite being new, this startup incubator has already taken Florida by storm.  They’re also part of the Tech Stars Network.

startup incubator 2. Tech Stars
Boulder and Boston

Tech Stars is just that..every tech’s dream.  This startup incubator just announced over $24M in funds becoming available in the form of $100K notes for each of the accelerator’s companies.  104 companies, 90 currently active, 9 acquisitions.

Startup Incubators3. 500 Startups
Silicon Valley California

The guys at 500 Startups provide early-stage companies with funding ranging from $10K to $250K via seed investments with their startup accelerator program, and new micro-fund models like the Twilio Fund. 160 experienced startup mentors.

Startup Incubators4. YCombinator
Mountain View California

YCombinator was one of the first, and probably the most well known, of startup incubators with this model.  Twice a year they invest a small amount of money, around $18,000, in a large number of startups.

Startup Incubators5. Dreamit Ventures
Bryn Mawr, PA

This is another really cool startup incubator busting out of a town no one has heard of…yet.  Up to $25,000 of seed funding per company. ($5,000 plus $5,000 for each founding team member (up to four) who will be onsite for the program).

I also wanted to point out many of these startup incubators are now referring to themselves as seed accelerators, but for the sake of the search engines (and because no one really knows what a seed accelerator is yet)…we’re calling you startup incubators.  So please, no offense was intended 😉