How to Brand a Startup

Feb 05, 2011

What do we not like about the startup brand in the above picture?  He’s boring.  He sucks.  He has no brand. He has no excitement.  No passion.

A startup brand sticks to the startup like glue.  It’s built from the very first day you enter the startup world.

Why is the startup brand so important?  It’s all about the emotion, the passion, the excitement of the startup brand.  It can help motivate potential customers, potential investors.  And as they say: if customers love you, money loves you too.

How do you build your startup brand?

A Good Startup Brand Knows Their Customers

Start by looking at your customer, and focusing on them.  What do they like?  Who are they?  How can your brand get them excited about your startup and your products?  You’ve got to really focus on that customer.

1.  Emphasize who your customer is, and who they want to be.

2.  Build trust with the startup brand.

3.  Build the relationship with the startup brand.

4.  Get excited and passionate about who the customers are.  Focus in on their uniqueness.  What makes your customers special people?

If you don’t think anything makes your customers special, consider targeting a different market.  Your perceptions of your customers in reflected in your startup the day you start.

Let’s use the startup brand for a boutique..provided courtesy of Design Pax

Who does this startup brand target?

They target the african american female.

Who really is this startup brand’s customer?

She’s a classy african american female.  She wants to be “Bootylicious”.  She’s concerned about her looks, she wants to be sexy.  She probably considers her greatest asset her “booty”.  (Hey, am I right or am I wrong?).

Customers are customers.  They’re people.  They want certain things: who they are, how they perceive themselves, and more importantly..what they want to be like.  Your job developing a startup brand, is to really play into this.  Make them feel good about who they are, and help the customer be who they want to be.

Why is this important to a startup brand?

A startup brand can be a strong competitive advantage.  It will help your startup survive, it will draw needed attention to your startup, amongst other things…the most important thing is the relationship your startup brand is building with your customer.

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