Is Social Media Prospecting Effective?

Sep 17, 2010

Social media prospecting, is it really more effective than prospecting through traditional means of advertising?

In my opinion, yes it is. Just to take a test drive, I tested two methods of prospecting: a third party ad and a social media guru (doing social media prospecting). My social media guru posted questions in a targeted forum.

Here is what’s happened so far

The third party ad has so far (after 20 days) only resulted in 10 click throughs to the site. What were the details of this ad?  The ad was placed on a website targeting the same market as the forum, but in a indirect way. The ad resulted in 13 click throughs, 2 subscribers. It costs me $25 for those 13 click throughs (that equals $0 profit by the way!).

So what about the social media prospecting?

Well, there’s a reason I’m now a fan of social media prospecting:

I ran my social media guru through a $50 test drive. The $50 resulted in about 50 click throughs, a large number of followers (future business maybe?), and 9 subscribers. If I had bought two indirect prospecting ads for $50, it would have resulted in about 4 subscribers, 26 click throughs, and no way to reach future business.

Conclusions? Yes, prospecting with social media is highly effective. I think it’s about the relationship that you’re building while doing social media….it’s no longer a company trying to sell you’s a person.

By the way…my secret weapon?  Missy Tincher at My Miss Assist.  She rocks.

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