5 Free Tools to Calculate Your Valuation

Following our post on “how to calculate your pre-money valuation – the formula” we offered a simple formula as a solution.  But for those of us (including myself) who want to take the shortcut, here are 5 free calculators to calculate (or rather..estimate) your pre-money valuation:

The High Tech Startup Pre-Money Valuation Calculator

This pre-money calculator ranked our first choice.  The questionnaire was a little tiring..but the questions really make you think about what increases your pre-money valuation.

Venture Choice’s Pre-money Valuation Calculator

While not as “thought provoking” as the High Tech Startup Valuation Calculator, Venture Choice does have a simple pre-money valuation calculator.  Easy to use, and there is other calculators on the site as well.

Fast Ignite’s True Pre-Money Valuation Calculator

While not so much a “pre-money” valuation calculator, this helps you see the difference (and calculate) between an option pool and pre-money valuation.

Instacalc Pre-Money and Post-Money Valuation Calculator

Not as advanced (or informative) as some of the other calculators we’ve seen, this one seems quick and simple.

FastTrac TechVenture Pre-Money Valuation Spreadsheet

This one’s not a calculator, but some of us will prefer to do this by hand.  Or maybe, you’ll want to present a spreadsheet to your team or investors.

EZ Number’s Startup Financial Projections and Pre-Money Valuations

And lastly, this one isn’t free…but it’s actually a software that has the whole kittenkaboodle of financial projections, P & L’s, investor reports, etc.  You actually get an accurate pre-money valuation based on those 5 year P & L’s.  This thing is really great because the financial projections are where it’s at for investors.