Plan to Start Announces New Board Members

Aug 24, 2015

As Plan to Start sharpens it’s focus in making strategic consulting affordable to startups and small businesses; we welcome the addition of these two outstanding new board members.  The new members are Bob Hughes (technology) and Victoria Yampolsky (finance).

Over the coming months, the board will aid the company during relaunch and scale.

Bob Hughes

Prior to his board role at Plan to Start, Bob Hughes served as Global Chief Information Officer at McLarens (CIO), Executive Vice President at Cogentes Inc. (EVP), and Chief Information Oficer (CIO) at McGladrey. He is currently an independent management consultant in addition to being a Strategic Advisor to Hyperspace Technology, LLC a startup in the security space.

He can be reached via LinkedIn at: or Twitter @rjhughes2011

Victoria Yampolsky

Victoria Yampolsky, CFA, is the President of the Startup Station, finance & strategy consultancy for startups and small/mid-size businesses. She is also an advisor to Mobilosophy and Divvy Tools, and founder of several ventures in media/entertainment. Previously, Victoria worked in Deutsche Bank Research and did IT consulting for CapGemini’s Financial Services Division.

She can be reached via LinkedIn at:

New board members will join existing board member Amanda Frazier, Founder and CEO.  Amanda can be reached via LinkedIn at: