Why Didn’t the Chicken Cross the Road?

I got this question the other day from an entrepreneur about an investor’s actions, that gave me her permission to share.  I thought it would make a good article, so maybe we could take in other opinions:

“Amanda: I met with an investor for the first time last week, something went very wrong. At first, everything was great.  I pitched, he loved it.  It was wonderful.  We courted all day long, brainstormed together, but then….he just stopped talking to me the next day.  What do you think happened?”

A part of me hates giving advice, because I know people take it so seriously.  And while I am no stranger to taking blame & responsibility for my actions or words, it’s every CEO or Founder’s job to take in advice, but use your own gut to evaluate the advice.  At the end of the day, make your own conclusion.  That’s my disclosure.  But, my best guess is:

He went home, and thought about it.

It’s no secret, the investors goal is often at cross with the entrepreneurs goal (ie: the pig vs the chicken phrase you hear investors talk about).  The entrepreneur needs flexibility and speed in order to survive.  The investor, however, must live by the golden rule of investing in order to survive.  The knowledge that impatience breeds low returns, and gaining control over that impulsive response to reward is critical.

Thinking Alone

As far as his sudden shift in behavior: I wasn’t there, so I can’t question the chicken’s motives in why he started to cross the road, but didn’t make it to the other side.  But I can offer this: everyone has dominant personality functions, as well as introverted & extroverted functions.  If he has extroverted feeling, he’s going to have introverted thinking (feeling is the opposite of thinking, and extroverted is the opposite of introverted).  Too often, we just “assume” someone only has one function, because that’s what we see on the outside.

What all this means, is that he’s going to easily get caught up in the moment with emotions & ideas (the lovely courting day you had).  But when he gets home, away from you….is when he’s going to start thinking. This is because introverted thinkers need to be alone to process & analyze information that they use to make decisions.  Most of the people I know like this, including myself, love to brainstorm & court ideas; but draw a clear line to not make commitments until you can get alone and think about it.

Final Decision

The final decision, the actual ticker though, could have been anything:  you could have been talking to someone who didn’t really have money, you could have pissed him off, the deal might not have “fit” w/ his portfolio, etc etc.

*No chickens’ or pigs’ reputations were harmed in the making of this article*