How To Connect With Famous People (Get that Champion!)

Jan 24, 2014

These are connecting tips for founders via Synergy Hub‘s amazing, Chief Connections Officer, Lynn Higgin.  This woman gets into doors most of us could never dream of.

Synergy Hub FabioA little about Lynn first: Lynn has been known to get into doors most of us could never venture.  She somehow wiggles her way into everything.  Whether it’s getting cozy with Fabio, or getting advice straight from Seth Godin (yep, that’s her with Fabio Lanzoni!  Just one of her many accomplishments).

So whether you’re goal is to get a champion, make a challenging connection, or just trying to approach someone in general….Lynn here is going to show us how to do it.  Without being too aggressive, or awkward.  After all, she is addicted to people watching.


Find their one personal spot.  

Most Founders will say something about themselves (hobby, food, kids etc).  Or maybe their profile pic.  Compliment it. Ask about it.  I will respond to posts, or tweets where I feel we are ‘kindred’.

Become one with the conversation.

I watch those people that I developed a relationship with…and who do they tweet too!  As soon as a tweet gets put out to someone I want to connect with, but haven’t-I will become ‘part’ of that conversation.  Very subtle, but it works.  Most of the time, I get checked out.  I prepare all of my social links so that SOMEONE will identify with something I do, like, am good at etc.!  Bottom line- I stand out.  I am interesting.  Unique.

Make the connection.

There is one particular connection.  I emailed her after seeing her on television, because we both had cool business names/titles.  I figured she had to have an awesome life perspective to do that, so my email to her was friendly, like I’ve known her for a long time.  She emailed me back with ‘I want to be best friends with you’.

Look for opportunities.

People provide opportunities for getting connected with them everywhere.  The Founder of Zen Pencils wrote about how he got connected with Tim Ferris (famous for the 4 Hr Workweek).  He saw an opportunity to help Tim, sent him his illustrations.  Which ultimately lead to Tim flying all the way to Australia taking him out to dinner.  Then after telling Tim of starting his own business, Tim included the illustrations in the 4 hour Chef.  Smart founder.


Try the no pressure approach.

Another tip!  Write about how, if you know someone you would like to partner with, before you email them anything-read ALL of the stuff they write about.  Ultimately when that person decides to ‘go in to the water’ they feel they already know that person and they can just literally be up front and say ‘how would you feel about doing something together.  I feel like we are on the same page and  think we would really get along’! It’s the no-pressure approach that usually works best.
Wanna get connected too? 🙂