How to Build Customer Relationships

Aug 13, 2010

It’s a fact that customers are the driving force of a business. How do you build customer relationships though? It takes time to establish relationships, and to nuture them as well? There are many ways to do this, directly or indirectly. Decide which ones are best for your business to offer.

Let’s start with direct customer relationships examples:

  • Personal Assistance- A customer service representative is able to assist in the sales process, or assist you with questions you may have. This can also happen in the form of email, that “support” button you click on websites.
  • Dedicated Personal Assistance- A real estate agent working with a home buyer. The real estate agent offers exclusive personal assistance.

Now, indirect customer relationships examples:

  • Self Service- You order a book online without ever needing to interact with the company.
  • Automated Personalization- You revisit that site you ordered your book from, it welcomes you by name, and they automatically have personal recommendations for you.
  • Co-Creation- Users participate in your company by leaving comments, and posting reviews. Blogs are a good example.
  • Online Communities- Users interact with one another. Support forums are good examples. They can ask other users of your service/product for advice.

Factors to consider when choosing how you will build customer relationships: