How to Start an Internet Cafe

For many people internet is the most dependable source for solving almost all their queries. More and more people are using internet for advertising, searching for service providers, understanding a concept, sharing their views, connecting with friends, entertainment, etc. In this internet savvy world, many people are using internet for one or the other purpose. However, not everyone takes a internet connection at home. Many people rely on the local internet cafes for surfing the internet. The business of an internet cafe is a very lucrative option for those who want to enter into business owing to the huge and ever increasing demand associated with it. If you are planning to start an internet cafe business and are looking for a step by step guide to starting the same, this article comes handy.

How to start an internet café business

Hear are the steps that one should take when considering how to start an internet cafe business:

1. Plan for your Internet Cafe Business

The first and foremost step that you must take is to make a business plan for starting an internet cafe. The business plan must include a detailed description of your budget, the area you want to cater to, scale of operation, competition analysis, expected footfall of customers, expected revenues, operating timings, growth path, etc. It is said that the one who fails to plan, plans to fail. This is true for the business of internet cafe as well.  Don’t forget to include the cost of equipment and furniture.  The location play a big part in planning as well, but we’ll cover that in a later step.

2.  Incoporate your Internet Cafe

Many people assume a business really doesn’t need to incorporated until it’s launched.  That’s not true, since before you launch you’ll need to fundraise.  In order to fundraise, you need to be incorporated.  Your business needs to be legit (EIN Number, Corporation or LLC). offers affordable packages to incorporate, as well as provides registered agent services.

3.  Design Your Logo and Spread the Word about your Internet Cafe Business

Again, many people don’t think you should do this prior to fundraising and launch.  But you do.  It’s hard for someone to invest or sponsor a business (and an internet cafe business) that they can’t invision.  Get a great logo for your business to prepare you for spreading the word.  Here are a few cost effective, yet quality, fast resouces for logo design:

Design Pax

Logo Mojo

Now to spread the word about your internet business!  Spreading the word about your internet cafe business prior to launch will help bring investors to you to assist in funding.  Many businesses also seek to sponsor start ups towards the end of the year (tax write off).  Sending out a Press Release that’s spread all over the internet about your internet cafe business is a great way to get this attention.  PR Web is one of the most highly recommended and effective PR services.  You get 10% off your first press release.  The local newspapers will likely get ahold of this, and mention there’s a new internet cafe coming to town.  It really works!

4. Raise money for an Internet Cafe Business

Its important to know before you start raising money for your internet cafe, you’ll need to look professional.  This requires two things: an established image, and incorporating your business (you can’t seek funding without incorporating, you shouldn’t get out there without it.  Hopefully, you put the above resources in place and have attracted some attention.

Once you have made a plan the next step is to put in your best effort for the execution of the same. But for that you require funds. For starting your internet cafe business, you can use your personal savings, ask for finances from near and dear ones, take a loan from a bank or a financial institution, approach a venture capitalist, etc.

5. Take a place on rent and complete the interiors of your internent cafe business

Location is key for an internet cafe business.  You need to think about who uses these cafes.  Should you choose one near a college, or how about a business district.  Many areas near professional residental areas work nice as well.  Once you have the requisite funds, the next step is to look out a suitable place on rent and complete the formalities for the same. You can negotiate a lease term and deposit with your landloard.  Once the operating location of your internet cafe business is decided, you proceed with purchasing the necessary equipments like computers, cables, modem, etc. You can hire a person with knowledge of networking to arrange everything for you. Also, it will be beneficial for your business if the interiors of your business place are appealing enough to attract new customers. You shall also take care of the legal formalities along with the ground work. Also, the security of your cafe equipments shall be taken care of.  Most internet cafe equipment can be rented at low costs.

6. Arrange for an internet service provider
The fourth step that you must take in starting an internet cafe business is arranging for a reliable internet service provider.

7. Continue to promote your internet cafe business

The last and an ongoing step is promoting your business. You can advertise in local newspapers or television channels, distribute pamphlets, list your business in various directories on the internet, etc. 

The best way to attract customers is to give something away for free.  Try handing out coupons for a free cup of coffee to local businesses, customers will begin pouring in for their free cup.

The above steps if followed diligently with your hard work and efforts will help you reap benefits of your business. You may also choose to provide additional services like photocopying, printing, scanning, etc. and also sell eatables and beverages along to your customers and make extra money.