Founder Showcase: Nick Smoot of Here On Biz

I wanted to introduce Nick Smoot to our audience today.  With his last startup acquired just 8 month after launch, he has founded yet another startup, called Here On Biz.  An app made for LinkedIn.  Something Nick likes to call “Instant Business Networking”, a fast way to locate and network other professionals traveling on business.

What would I personally use it for?  Let’s say I have an upcoming trip to NYC.  The first thing I do, is shift through all my Linked In connections in NYC, and figure out who I can meet with.  I visit alot of entrepreneurs and other CEO’s.  Then I have about 100 emails of back and forth “available this time, what about that time”.  With this app, I can figure that out in less than a minute.

here on biz

Or…let’s say I’m at an event. Like a conference. I can set my app to show when I’ll be there, where I’ll be, and I’m open to networking there. All from my iphone.

What Nick needs help with: Testing, feedback, and rating his app.  He’s moving fast.  He needs real influencers, travelers, & business professionals to help try this thing out.  So if you’re a networker, get out there, lend Nick a hand, and give it a whirl. You won’t be disappointed.

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