Top 5 Crowdfunding Consultants of 2014

Dec 22, 2014
Because money doesn’t crowdfund itself.

Don’t forget that a crowdfunding platform is just that- a platform that simply gives you the tools you need to raise money.  From regulation compliance to brand story telling, who can help make your next crowdfunding campaign successful?

Crowdfunding consultants.  If you’re one of the many companies looking to raise money through crowdfunding, these 5 consultants can help you navigate the tricky waters.

1. Eli Regalado- Mad Hatter Agency


Eli sees crowdfunding as the future and is situating his organization to be a thought pioneer in the space of taking other creative organizations to market by means of the swarm. He’s effectively marketed & crowdfunded over $1M for his clients on different crowdfunding sites.

Crowdfunding Consultants
2. Leigh Lepore – Crowdfunding Strategy

Leigh’s small team of crowdfunding consultants have raised over $800k for consumer products, applications, books, theater, music, causes and the sky is the limit from there. They have raised over $6M through traditional fundraising for other companies as well.

3. Philip Cardwell- Universal Media Consultants

Phillip is a crowdfunding consultant specializing in film and motion picture financing.  He’s worked with a large number of organizations and has thousands of longstanding connections. He can readily reach more than 1.4 million writers, radio & TV stations, bloggers, sites and more to promote his clients.

Crowdfunding Consultant
4. Heather Hairgrove- Strategic Crowdfunding, LLC

Heather’s consultancy assists crowdfunders in creating marketing plans for their crowdfunding campaigns using a combination of social media, email, press and bloggers. You need a crowd to tap into before you can be successful at crowdfunding, and Heather will help you build it.

5. Sherwood Neiss – Crowdfund Capital Advisors

Sherwood helped create the crowdfunding framework signed into law by President Obama, and co-authored Crowdfund investing for Dummies.  His team works with a variety of groups from professional investors, crowdfunding platforms and professional services firms to governments and entrepreneurs.