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Example of a Business Model

Crafting a top notch business model is all about your customer.  Your main objective is to deliver value to that customer, and

What Is A Business Model?

So what is a business model and how does it relate to you as a startup or business owner? Simply put, the

Revenue Here…Revenue There!

Revenue here, revenue there.  Revenue everywhere!  This is what happens when an Entrepreneur can identify multiple revenue streams for their business model.  We

The Know How Competitive Advantage

Many great small and large businesses I know have one vary rare and different competitive advantage – the specific know how of

How To Evaluate Your Business Model

Why Entrepreneurs should evaluate their business model is pretty much cut and dry.  The right business model will deliver value and benefits through cost effective distribution channels.  In fact,

Choose Your Competitive Advantage

Your competitive advantage determine if your business will fail or succeed. Example and advantages for establishing a competitive advantage are listed here.

Business Model- The Entrepreneur’s Business Plan

Business Model – The Entrepreneur’s Business Plan Like most Entrepreneurs, when I first got started with my business, I hadn’t even heard

Your Competitive Advantage

Your competitive advantage, it’s a big part of your concept. It’s really what determines your success or failure. There will always be

What's Your Competitive Advantage?

While researching my own competitive advantage, I google it and up comes this MBA guide. It’s overcomplicated. So, I’ve decided to interpret

Revenue & Prices Aren't The Same

Revenue streams & product pricing can either be the same thing, or completly different. If I’ve confused you, let me explain. Revenue