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8 Competitive Advantage Examples

Many Entrepreneurs get confused when asked to define their competitive advantage.  They most likely know what it is, but don’t know what

2 Things to Focus On with a New Business Idea

Someone asked me the other day…what is the most important things about your business idea for a first time entrepreneur?  What should

The Free Business Model

A new trend is emerging among many groundbreaking internet companies.  It’s called the free business model. Who uses it?  Well, just a

10 Tips to Creating a Competitive Advantage

Knock out your competition by creating a competitive advantage!  The big corporations do a good job in creating a competitive advantage over

How Do They Do It? Facebook and Apple’s Competitive Advantage

There’s a reason why youngsters flock to Facebook and diehard geeks go gaga over Apple products – these companies have managed to

5 Easy Internet Business Models

Like most Entrepreneurs, we dream of an internet business. Maybe it’s the fantasy of freedom and mobility that an internet business can

Creating a Business Model 101

Creating a Business Model Let’s create a business model!  Out with the old, and in with the new. Creating a business model

Competing as the Little Guy

No business is exactly the same, no Entrepreneur is exactly the same.  So it’s up to you to choose the best competitive

Startup Idea – What’s the Right One?

Ha ha…there isn’t any right one! Ask any seasoned entrepreneur whether ideas are important and you‘re sure to get a straight and

5 Easy Internet Revenue Streams

One question though, remains a struggle. That’s the fact that with all the free goodies and information on the internet nowadays, how is an Entrepreneur to make a buck with an internet business?