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How to Nail Your Business Model

Post by Edson Senna 90% of new businesses will fail within 5 years of launching. And while those odds don’t seem too

Top 20 Startup Quickies

Your top startup questions answered, in less then 10 seconds each.  Inspired today by a full inbox I’m still trying to get

4 Revenue Models & Examples for Small Businesses

One of the first things any new entrepreneur has to think about, is “how will I make money?”.  In other words, your

5 Ways to Prove the Unproven Idea

For those entrepreneurs doing something different or unique out there in the world, here are 5 steps to getting a proof of

One Simple Trick to Balancing Passion & Profit

Passion vs profit.  Save your world or make money.  86% of all entrepreneurs state the core motivation in starting their business is

Profit or Revenue or Growth -The Question Of Every New Entrepreneur

Profit or revenue or growth -it’s a question that hangs over the heads of thousands of new entrepreneurs & ceo’s each day. 

How to Calculate Startup Advertising Revenue

Startups usually believe they’ll make money in one of two ways when I ask them: advertising revenue or venture capital (I also

How to Create Your Value Proposition in 3 Easy Steps

Your value proposition, can easily be the core of what makes a business survive.  In order to write a value proposition, you

Do You Really Need a Patent?

A patent agent gives us an insider’s perspective into the world of patents and intellectual property…and exposes the risks with filing a

Internet Business Model – The Growth 2.0 Strategy

Breaking out of the traditional, many small business owners find themselves wondering how to create an internet business model.  How did companies