The Startups Making Entrepreneurs Look Like Idiots

Entrepreneurs: Congratulations.  We are now represented by a band of hair flipping, posh idiots on Bravo’s Startup Series.  The headlines presenting our

6 Things Every Founder Should Hear (but doesn’t want to)

Sometimes, you need to hear the tough things no one wants to tell you; but every founder should hear.  To some, they’re

How to Write a Business Plan (that actually makes sense)

By Marcelina Hardy, Writer for, small business entrepreneur for 7 years. “You can’t go, if you don’t know where you are

Predicting the Death of Facebook (Infographic)

Facebook’s better years might just be behind it.  In ‘internet years’ the online empire is a wee 8 years old.  Sounds young

How Entrepreneurs Predict Trends & Take Risks

One entrepreneurs story of how they predict trends and take risks. Predicting trends, not to be confused with market research.  In fact,

5 Signs It’s Time To Hire Your First Employee

Business is booming. You may be pulling your hair out, but this is a good thing.   You’re starting to fall behind because

So You Need to Fund Your Small Business

Even in the current economic downturn, there are plenty of ways to find funding for your small business. These methods range from

The Why Question

There is a company presenting their idea to an audience.  They open the panel for questions, and someone in the audience says:

Worst Startup Buzzwords of 2012

Among the startup community, lies millions of overused annoying startup buzzwords.  Like “Epic startup”.  Or the famous “We’re in stealth mode”… Here

7 Crowdfunding Infographics

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to understand more about crowdfunding, these crowdfunding infographics will make your life a little easier today. 1.