Being An Entrepreneur Is Like a Video Game

Being an entrepreneur isn’t a job.  It’s a lifestyle.  Maybe because a normal lifestyle wasn’t available to you.  Maybe you didn’t have a choice, you just couldn’t live a normal life.  No matter how bad you wanted to. 

Your business can be a job, yes.  Your role in your business can be a job too.  But choosing to live your life as an entrepreneur, well, it’s kind of like a video game…

When life begins, everyone is giving the same set of controllers.  There was no logical explanation for you to turn out “different”, but for some reason you did.  After all, your controller is just like everyone elses: it can jump, shoot, run, or duck.

For a long time, you assume everyone else is playing the same game.  And maybe you should too.  You hear other people’s beeps, boops, and powering up noises all around the video game.  Like everyone else, you do your best to collect all the treasure and bonk the bad guys on the head.  All the while, assuming everyone else is doing the same thing.

Until one day you realize, not everyone else plays the same game.  Some others games included lots of gold coins, some people are stuck in the Crystal Castle looking for something.  Some are slogging through an underwater level you’ve never seen.

But you- –

For some reason, your game is harder & faster then everyone else’s game.  The rules keep changing.  Your character just can’t seem to stay out of trouble.  One minute you’re banging on the jump button 10x to keep from drowning.  And the next your battling monsters in space.  You’re down to 2% life, then all of a sudden you’re up to full life.

The second you don’t collect enough gold coins, the scenery changes and the music becomes slow and eerie…

You’re mad now.  Why is your game so much harder then everyone else’s?  You keep having to start over everytime something goes wrong.  Sometimes, you secretly don’t care if your little character lives or dies.

But wait- –

Remember you were given the exact same controller everyone else was given.  You don’t have control over the gold coins, the monsters surrounding you, or the life you have left. 

But you do have control over you.  You care about your little character, and you can talk him through tough situations.  True, your video game has been harder, but as a result you’ve developed ninja thumbs for tackling this game.  You’ve now developed your own unique strategy & philosophy & aura of wise.