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It Isn’t Failure Unless You Stay Down

I thought about just promoting the company again, slipping back in here quietly, pretending like nothing happened in the past year.  That

How To Connect With Famous People (Get that Champion!)

A little about Lynn first: Lynn has been known to get into doors most of us could never venture.  She somehow wiggles

13 Annoying Sounds of Naysayers

“The concept is interesting and well-formed, but in order to earn better than a ‘C,’ the idea must be feasible.” — A

The 6 New Crowdfunding Laws for Entrepreneurs

  The time has almost finally arrived.  While new SEC crowdfunding laws officially made it legit for entrepreneurs to advertise they were

The Risky Business of Not Taking Risks

  The Riskiest Business Is The Business That Takes No Risks Risky businesses are in many ways, a much safer bet in

10 Ways for Startups to Acquire Customers

Acquiring customers for your startup doesn’t have to just be traditional cold calls & direct sales.  Never understimate the power of a

Thou Shall Not Let Investors Control Destiny

So I wrote the article last week on bootstrapping, and got a lot of emails back from Tech CEO’s…that basically said “this

How to Bootstrap Bigger Visions

You got big dreams.  But big dreams aren’t cheap, are they?  Heck no.  They cost a lot of money. So I was

How to Nail Your Business Model

Post by Edson Senna 90% of new businesses will fail within 5 years of launching. And while those odds don’t seem too

8 Trade Show Tactics to Pump Up Sales

Post by Gina Poirier, for the many of you heading off to trade shows this fall. The love/hate relationship between trade shows