8 Trade Show Tactics to Pump Up Sales

Sep 05, 2013

Post by Gina Poirier, for the many of you heading off to trade shows this fall.

The love/hate relationship between trade shows and small businesses has been going on since trade shows stepped onto the scene. For the business owner, trade shows can either be extremely successful or it can be a total waste of money and time. The idea of it is to showcase your latest products to industry professionals in hopes of generating sales and leads while spreading awareness and growing your business. And while there will be other businesses vying for the attention of those in the industry, success is truly up to you as the business owner and representative. Check out these 8 trade show tactics to pump up sales.

8 Trade Show Tactics to Pump up Sales:

1. Research before you commit

Before you commit to any trade show, you need to make sure that the theme and aesthetics of the show is appropriate for showcasing your particular products or services. Some shows are very niche while others are more generalized; you want to pick shows that will allow your company to stand out while also fitting in.

2. Advertise Yourself

Do not depend on the trade show organization to advertise for you, it is important to promote the event yourself to generate buzz and spark curiosity within your industry. You can use social networks, newsletters and web posts to advertise.

3. Maximize your Booth Space

Your booth space is your acting-store for the duration of the show, so you want it to impress and invite. Your exhibition stand should be informative and designed to best represent the image of your brand, and your products should be displayed orderly and uncluttered. Your booth should encourage interaction and exudes freshness, quality and easy navigation.

4. Demonstrate and Invite Interaction

Demonstrations are a great way to sell and spark interest; buyers love to be shown exactly how a product works in oppose to trying to figure it out themselves. Interaction goes hand in hand with demonstrating your product; it is important to invite potential buyers to interact with your product or service so they get that first hand self-review.

5. Be Personable, Professional and Brave

There is no room for wallflowers at trade shows; your business needs the attention of those buyers so it is important to swallow your nerves. You need to be personable without being to laid back, be professional by answering all the questions with intelligence and ease and be brave by exuding confidence and belief in your products and services.

6. Branded Swag Bags

Giving out branded swag bags or branded freebies is just as important as landing leads and sales. Giving away useful trinkets that has your company’s information on it will keep you in the minds of the buyers.

7. Be Creative

Chances are that you will be showcasing at a show with other businesses that offer a similar product as your own. It is important to be creative so that the buyers will be more attracted to your booth over the others. You can draw a crowd at your booth by decorating your space with eye catching visuals or hiring mascots or dancers to represent your brand.

8. Network with other Businesses

It is important to not see the other businesses as competition and to actually network with them. By developing an “I’ll help you if you help me” relationship with other businesses within your niche you can generate sales in areas that you couldn’t reach on your own.

If your goal is to grow your business and reach buyers then attending trade shows is a must. Stepping out and showcasing your products and services to buyers can very lucrative if it is planned and executed correctly. Following the tips above before heading out to your show will help you put your best foot forward.