7 Funny Things About Entrepreneurs

May 18, 2012

I thought today we would make a boring Tuesday a little more interesting (or Wednesday, whatever day you end up reading this) by making a list of funny things us entrepreneurs do.  Let’s laugh at ourselves today, and remember why us entrepreneurs…are awesome, in 7 different ways.

We are always on time, and on schedule.  We’re the most punctuational people you will ever meet.

funny entrepreneur

We always envied those 9-5’ers….

funny entrepreneur

We always love giving discounts in our business

We are the best marketers….

funny entrepreneur

We keep business essentials close by: a coffee, a lawyer, and a cellphone.

funny entrepreneur

Our lives as Entrepreneurs are always so exciting…

funny business

And if our business isn’t, you can be assured we’ll find ways to make it fun….

funny entrepreneur

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