5 Crowdfunding Sites for Startups

Aug 28, 2013

Last year we did a post on Top 10 Crowdfunding Websites for Entrepreneurs that our readers loved.  But not all Entrepreneurs all the same.  Some were funding art projects, films, businesses.  Others were funding startups and technology.  So to further help you narrow down which crowdfunding site might be right for you, here is one just for the startups out there:

Top 5 Crowdfunding Sites for Startups

1. WeFunder

WeFunder has held the lead for the top crowdfunding site positions for tech startups, 2 years in a row.  They host some of the biggest names in startup investing, including: Fred Wilson, Eric Baley, & Jeff Bussgang.

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2. Upstart

Now here was something I found that was cool.  For those of you that actually have a solid revenue plan….Upstart’s investors invest in exchange for a share in your future sales.  The latest startup being funded?  A cyber security startup.

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3. Crowdfunder

 Crowdfunder has a rapidly growing base of engaged investors as well.

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4. MicroVentures

Alright, maybe you’re not a startup reading this.  Maybe you’re an investor reading this.  And…you’re not as big as Fred Wilson over there at WeFunder.  You’re interested in startups, but not yet ready to strike out on your own.  Then head over to MicroVentures, where you can get hand held by more experienced investors in backed startups.

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5. Startup Valley

Startup valley is an equity crowdfunding platform currently in beta awaiting the SEC ruling.  You can signup now for early access.

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