4 Tips to Get Off the Fence About Starting a Business

“Do not sit on the fence.  You will get a sore arse”.

Many people sit on the fence, dreaming of the day they will have that big idea worth pursuing.  But many successful innovators & entrepreneurs actually started out with very small or service based businesses.  Sometimes long before they had their big idea that ultimately made them millions in the end.  Some were just business services.  Some started with lemonade stands or raking leaves as kids.  Some were constructing weird objects out of paper clips, and trying to show their parents their latest invention.

If there is one thing we can agree on, it’s that they didn’t wait for that big idea to hit them.  They launched themselves into the world of entrepreneurship early on.  And we can’t help but wonder, did already being adjusted to the lifestyle of an entrepreneur before having a big idea, help them succeed when they did have one?

It’s possible.  So if you feel like you fit the bill, then go ahead and try on entrepreneurship for yourself.  Here are 4 tips to help you do that:

1. Pick a Lane, Any Lane

Start small, with minimal risk.  Most entrepreneurs are actually not aware of any special gifts they may have when they start.  Starting something, anything, to find out what those are.  Sometimes you’ll go through 2 or 3 businesses before you find the one that you will pursue till the ends of the earth.  Usually, your first real company or big idea is a piece of each of these experiences (as well as some personal experiences) combined.

2. Form a Vision

Go ahead & get into the habit of forming visions, early on.  It doesn’t matter how small.  As time goes by, your visions will continue to become larger.  Learn how to translate those visions into action.  Forming & executing visions is also very different then having ideas.  Ideas are just that- ideas that have yet to be sorted through and committed to.  Visions are a repeated idea, an obsession almost- that is analyzed, thought through, & executed.

3. Track Down Mentors

They say people come into our lives for a reason.  Sometimes, the reason is unclear.  You may think there wasn’t a lesson or a purpose, but there always is.  Learn from non-successful people, don’t do what they do.  On the other hand, track down successful people.  Ask them questions.  Mentors can be found anywhere.  Just ask a business owner to work directly with them, and you’ll get 10x more experience then a MBA will ever give you.

4. Ask Yourself Questions

Most people never ask themselves questions.  Because there usually isn’t a need to.  But once you become an entrepreneur and start building a company, stakes will get much higher.  The questions will start coming.  Things like: How am I managing my time?  Why does it feel like I’m so unproductive all of a sudden?  Is this really the best strategy?  And most of all…what was the point of Facebook again?