Top 10 Crowdsourcing Sites for Business

In case you haven’t heard, crowdsourcing sites are this new concept that gives us business owners a different way to delegate (our favorite to do).  What’s in it for us?  Well, we get higher quality, better results, for less money.  What can we crowdsource with these sites?  Well just about anything…from ideas, to market research, even delegating unwanted tasks.  So today, we’ve picked out the Top 10 Crowdsourcing Sites for your business, 1 in each category:

Top 10 Crowdsourcing Sites for Business

1. Veer – Crowdsourcing Site for DIY Design

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At Veer, you’ll see tons of great DIY things by designers set up for you: fonts, images, illustrations, and more.  What does this mean?  You can choose different crowdsourced “pieces” of designs and put them together to make your own right on their site.  So if you’re into all the design options, but don’t want to pay the $500 price tag, go with Veer (there is also a coupon for 1st time users, it’s “10SUMMER12”).

2. 99designs – Crowdsourcing Site for Logo Design

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At 99designs you can crowdsource almost anything, from brochure design to product packaging design.  But, this site is most popular for it’s logo design crowdsourcing.  Packages for crowdsourcing logo design range from $299-$699, but with their 100% money back guarantee and customer rave reviews, it’s hard to pass up.  There is also a logo design store at your service.

3. Quirky – Crowdsourcing Site for Inventions


Quirky Crowdsourcing site

Bumped your head in the shower and came up with an awesome new curtain rod idea?  Think you outdo those flimsy products at Bed Bath & Beyond?  Then head on over to the Quirky crowdsourcing site to see how many others will relish in your new found idea.

4. Crowdspring – Crowdsourcing Site for Design

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Crowdspring is obviously a competitor to 99Designs, but it’s hard to say who would win if they were placed side by side.  This crowdsourcing site also crowdsources product packaging, and even business naming.

5. Chaordix – Crowdsourcing Site for Market Research

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Chaordix is definetly a more advanced crowdsourcing solution for market research.  But if you’ve got a disruptive idea that requires a large investment, you’ll need the research to back it up.  They guide the process from project planning, to recruiting and moderating your crowd, to research design and implementation, to branded site design and project management, to data analytics and reports, and strategy recommendations.

6. Genius Crowds – Crowdsourcing Site for Product Ideas

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Genius Crowds is a good place to go when you’ve got some great product ideas.  This crowdsourcing site works by submitting your idea, then you give feedback and improve, then the crowd chooses the top ideas for the week that have marketability.

7. Crowdflower – Crowdsourcing Site for Data

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Here was something unique.  Do you ever have a lot of data to collect, like collections that have to be tracked down?  What about trends in social media?  All of that data has to be collected & analyzed.  Well, crowdflower lets you harness the power of the crowd to do just that, and get ‘er done quickly.

8. Crowdsource – Crowdsourcing Site for Outsourced Labor

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Ever had one of those projects in your business where you don’t have the inhouse talent, and no expertise to manage freelancers for it?  Well, this company can take care of that problem.  They offer a managed labor force with quality, cost effective results, and speed.  You give them a project- they break it down into microtasks, distribute it, and deliver it.

9. Tongal – Crowdsourcing Site for Video Production

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From YouTube videos to the big screen, if your business has a video to be made, you can crowdsource it at Tongal.  Tongal has crowdsourced videos for some of the biggest brands: from McDonald’s, to Lego, and even Pringles.  Basically, you post a video project, creative summit their ideas and examples, you choose a creative, and done.

10. TaskRabbit – Crowdsourcing Site for Tasks & Errands

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Every business owner has little tasks we don’t want to do, even our employees don’t want them.  Simple tasks, that require someone to be located in town.  Maybe it’s handing out flyers, setting up a new desk, or knocking doors for your business.  Or maybe something as simple as running drycleaning or making a deposit.  Task Rabbit just might have you covered.