One Simple Trick to Balancing Passion & Profit

Aug 01, 2012

Passion vs profit.  Save your world or make money.  86% of all entrepreneurs state the core motivation in starting their business is passion.  But with all this passion and love, presents a problem for many of us.  Money.  Where is the line?  How do we balance the two?  If we pay attention to one, will we be left to sacrifice the other?

This is a blog post about finding that balance using one simple trick I’ve learned.  For my friend David.  Who is a biotechnology entrepreneur.   Who has been operating his business as a sole proprietor for many years.  But who’s time has finally come, to align with an opportunity to turn his passion, into an empire.

What happens to those who live passion

David has been experiencing what many of us in a similar situation experience.  No one understands the vision he sees.  He has so much knowledge & passion about what he’s doing, but it’s a struggle to take a step back and explain it to someone who hasn’t been hands on with that business for so many years.  Or find balance that with profit.

So he sends me an email the other day, with a sigh of relief: “Phew!!”.  He got a check in the mail.  This will keep him going for a little while longer.  He’s good right now, but as he goes back to relish in his passion, money issues will resurface again.

I hope not, but from talking with other entrepreneurs…this is a problem for many of us.  I’ve even experienced the problem several times myself.

Here is the 1 simple trick I learned to keep that profit coming:

The moment you get that check in the mail, stop.  Live.  Right there, in that moment.  Think about all you’ve been through.  All that you’ve worked for to be able to feel this feeling.  To know, what you are doing, if finally affecting the world.  You are finally seeing the results.

Now, love the check.  Smell the check.  Lick it if you want (just not on the ink).  Roll around on it.  Breathe it in.  Notice how good it feels.

Why love money?

Successful entrepreneurs are passionate.  But they have also learned the trick is keeping themselves profitable & motivated is to always desire to make more money.

Because eventually, that feeling will fade again.  You deposit the check.  You probably have plenty of business expenses and to-do’s that will eat it up right away.  It won’t be long before you’re feeling depressed again.

Remember the Moment

Now, remember that exact moment you stopped & lived.  That exact moment that check came in.  How you relished in it, you enjoyed it, you maybe even rolled around on it?  Well, now you’re addicted to it.  Just like you’re addicted to your passion.  Because it was an endorphin release, a high.  Because you took the moment to feel it.

That is how…you balance profit and passion.  You become addicted to both of them.